About us

We are developing a next-gen synthetic data platform with a Helsinki-based team.

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Our story

Breaking the shackles of data.

GeSynth was founded by a team of passionate innovators, health and lifescience professionals and technology experts, who shared a same vision towards better society by harvesting the potential of health data.

Based on our own experiences through various projects data bottlenecks are by far the biggest barrior for innovation. Synthetic data seems to be the only feasible means of rapid-pace innovation in sectors involving sensitive, siloed data.

We are therefore motivated by our own experiences of data-bottlenecks to build a platform that will allow efficient dissemination and curation of synthetic data.

We believe that technology has maturated to the point that our vision is feasible, and our team has the expertise to implement it in practice.

Data access should not be the hill on which ambition dies!

The values that drive us.


Building things which do not yet exist.


The hard path is sometimes the necessary path.


Big boulders take many hands to push.


We believe in everyone-wins scenarios.


We take pride in our professional mastery.


We believe our platform will genuinely improve society.

Meet our team

Founding team

We bring together experts with proven records in EHR, digital innovation, and spearheading consortia projects.

Paavo Perttula

Paavo Perttula

CEO / Founder

Paavo is a recognized expert in digital health, impact-based business models, econometrics, and progressive strategies driving digital transformation. He holds a MSc degree in Economics, Mathematics and Statistics.

Jarkko Malviniemi

Jarkko Malviniemi

Chief Product Officer / Co-founder

Jarkko is a specialist of new service innovations and digital products utilizing data and artificial intelligence and promoting human-centric development. Previous experience as VP Innovation and Technology at Siili Solutions.

Niklas Kokkola, PhD

Niklas Kokkola, PhD

Chief Scientist / Co-founder

Niklas is a computational thinker and data scientist, eager to bring data and AI-backed concepts into existence. Previous experience from Sensyne Health (AI & RWE insights) in UK. Niklas holds a PhD in Computer Science.


Synthetic data holds the promise of being a major breakthrough in unlocking AI-driven innovations. We are at the early stages of developing a platform aimed at discovering and distributing datasets, leveraging high-quality Finnish health data.

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