Unleash Good Data from Solitary Confinement

  • Cutting edge tech for synthetizing sensitive data.

  • "Spotify-like" subscription service for sharing and discovering data.

  • Data owners get their share of revenues.

Synthetic data will open up doors for entirely new collaborations between healthcare providers and healthcare innovators.

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Paavo Perttula

CEO, Gesund Digital

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The problem we are solving

The barriers to access sensitive data, such as social and health data, are very high. Synthetic data has been proposed as one solution to facilitate data-led R&D and research, but incentives to create and share such data remain limited.

Due to these factors, access to RWD is mostly limited to academic research and synthetic data is mostly created for individual projects’ needs, which makes it very costly. This leads to a situation where innovations based on sensitive data are either slow or impossible get off the ground. This is particularly true concerning innovations stemming from outside of healthcare or life-science industries.

How our platform works

01Search for synthetic data that matches your use-case.
02Easily transform and subset the data.
03Start innovating!
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Start innovating with synthetic data today

We plan to release a first version of our platform during 2023. In case you are interested in partnering with us, or want to learn more, please be in touch!

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Synthetic data holds the promise of being a major breakthrough in unlocking AI-driven innovations. We are at the early stages of developing a platform aimed at discovering and distributing datasets, leveraging high-quality Finnish health data.

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